Merlin Metals Tiny House Information

Do you live in the UK & think about building or buying your own tiny home.

Or another type of small building?

You may or may not have considered the option of using a steel frame design.

That will last for many decades to come.

Contact us for a possible solution.



Merlin Metals Tiny Houses

Quality long lasting steel frame design.

See the images above for possible cladding layout ideas.

Coated aluminium & steel, stainless steel, copper & zinc.

Coated Aluminium

Coated Steel

Stainless Steel

Coloured Zinc





Additional information

Trailer Info

Designed for the construction of tiny homes.
Type approved EU certificate of conformity.
Road legal trailer, usable within the UK and Europe.

Trailer Sizes

5400mm x 2440mm, 6020mm x 2440mm, 7200mm x 2440mm


Info to be added


Quality long lasting cold rolled steel frame design. Providing a strong long lasting structure.

Other Framing

Custom size building framing available for homes that are to be built on land and not a trailer. Contact us for a quote.


1, 2, Custom Design

Roof Style

Mono-Pitch, Gable Roof, Or A Custom Design

A simple mono pitch, Gable roof, Or the option to request a custom design

Standing Seam Roof

Snaplock seam roof panel system roof as standard, in a choice of finishes


Traditional Textures Coated Aluminium, Greencoat PLX Coated Steel, Roofinox Stainless Steel, Zintek Coloured Zinc, ZM Silesia Zinc


Wall Cladding

Reveal Wall Panels, Snaplock Seam Panels, Cedar, Other

Cladding Layout

Choose from example, Request Custom Layout

Internal Walls

Info to be added


Info to be added


Info to be added


Bespoke triple glazed custom made sliding windows.


Bespoke triple glazed custom made sliding doors


Flat pack kit for self-build, Flat pack kits with wall sections partially built, Fully Assembled.

Overseas Orders

Our tiny homes may be available outside of the UK later in 2019.
If you are outside of the UK & interested in ordering a tiny house kit.
Let us know & we will look into the option of exporting sooner.


The ordering options above may offer an ideal solution if you are looking to build your own tiny house.

Quickly providing the basis from which to continue creating the home you envision.

Add your own windows, doors and internal fixtures & fittings.

Later in 2019 we will be offering fully finished homes.
For the moment we offer a platform for tiny house lovers.
To explore their passion for creating their own.

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